At the end of every show we have a very special guest speaker, sometimes two:

Men's Roundtable

Dr. Stephen J. Williams

Andrew Kimble

Dr. Shane Perrault PhD

Founder of African American Marriage Counseling in 2004. In his private practice, he has partnered with over 5,100 couples to develop the skills to begin to hear (and be heard by) each other so they can make peace with the past and move past the pain, and learn to turn towards instead of on each other to overcome life's challenges and strengthen their families.

Dr. Shane received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Ohio State University and completed his undergraduate studies at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. He has also completed Level I, II, and III training in the world-renowned Gottman Marital Therapy Training Institute.

Men's Roundtable

Dr. Stephen J. Williams

Dr. Shane Perrault PhD

Founder of African American Marriage Counseling in 2004. In his private practice, he has partnered with over 5,100 couples to develop the skills to begin to hear (and be heard by) each other so they can make peace with the past and move past the pain, and learn to turn towards instead of on each other to overcome life's challenges and strengthen their families.

Glynn Whitaker

As a licensed Agent of New York Life Insurance Company I offer a variety of products that can help you meet a number of insurance and financial needs, including, but not limited to college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care and lifetime income strategies. Please contact me to help you fully analyze your needs and recommend appropriate solutions. Agent, New York Life Insurance Company CA. Lic #0M37652, GA. Lic #3261307, AZ. Lic #188007099 MI. Lic #0890066801 N Brand Blvd, Penthouse SuiteGlendale, CA 91203 cell: 310-654-9404

Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott

“Live significantly!” That’s the inspiring message of Sharon Norris Elliott, award-winning author, popular conference speaker, and astute Bible teacher. Sharon loves Jesus, wants her life to count, and encourages everyone who will listen to live a life that matters. Her books span genres from parenting, to women’s, to teens’, to children’s, and to general Christian interest.

Additionally, Sharon is CEO of AuthorizeMe®, her own mentoring/coaching/editing service through which she assists writers toward their publishing goals via private coaching or fun, hands-on seminars.

Mitchell Smith, Ed.D.

Mitchell Smith, Ed.D. is a lifelong educator. Born and raised in NYC, Dr. Smith understands the challenges that urban areas face, and gives insight to the teaching methodologies that must be in place for students of all ages to succeed. He has degrees from the University of Massachusetts in Educational Leadership. 

Highlighted in Money Magazine in May 2010, Dr. Smith made a career change and began to work within the Solar Industry challenging and training inner city displaced workers to pursue careers in the solar industry.

Dr. Smith believes that effective training should be at the forefront of every discussion concerning our viable future. Currently he is Senior Technical Training Director for Young Community Developers, Inc., a nonprofit organization inspiring and empowering residents in the Southeast sector of San Francisco, CA through job readiness training and employment counseling.There he manages curriculum and instruction for their staff and customers.

Pilar Ma'at B.Msc.

Rev. High Priestess, Queen Clan Mother of the 1st Nation Bhuvaneshswari Pilar (Ma’at) Grant B.Msc., is a Granny Midwife and Divine Healer who has directly assisted Sacred Beings in Birth, Herbal Therapy, and Nutritional Health & Wellness for over 32 years. Ma'at obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, and is professionally trained in Herbology and Massage Therapy. She is a midwife, Certified Lactation Educator, Aqua-Natal Instructor, Yoga for Positive Health Instructor, Professional Belly Dancer, Rites Of Passage Facilitator and Metaphysical Therapist. Ma’at enjoys assisting her clients with creating an intimate and blissful birth experience, whether it is the physical birth of a child or the birth of new ideas and lifestyles. She believes if you help others realize their true potential, then they can create a reality of love, health, wealth, abundance, pure light, and joy!

Ma’at is known as BirthMama- offering Nutritional and Herbal Consultations for pregnant and non- pregnant women, men and children. She takes a holistic approach to wellness; which includes herbal, nutritional and mental mind treatments, deep breathing techniques and meditation. Ma’at also offers Prenatal and Postnatal Doula Services (Afterbirth Care for Mother), Esperanza Community Housing Corporation Perinatal and Childbirth Educator, facilitates Rites of Passages and offers instructions in the Sacred Art of Belly Dance. In addition to Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling, which consists of meditation, and breathing techniques for overall positive Health and Wellness, Pilar Ma’at travels throughout the country offering workshops and training related to Health and Wellness, as well as providing Holistic Postpartum Doula Certification.

Jasmine Gant

Jasmine Patton Gant grew up in a multi-generational, organic eating, family in the inner-city of Los Angeles. They kept chickens and ducks and seasonally their garden would overflow. Due to unusual food sensitivities, the family had to scrutinize the ingredients in everything. This knowledge of ingredients compelled Jasmine to create her own products.

Jasmine attended Mt. St Mary’s University and graduated from Mt. Sierra College, with a background in biochemistry and Information Technology. After graduation she began the development of Emagine Aromatherapy, now known as AromaStories. She apprenticed with a Mayan Medicine Man harvesting and distilling long lost essentials oils indigenous to the California coast and desert. She began to create multiple brands and products. This led to the building of brands and products for others.

Mrs. Gant’s ability to create and prototype led to a high regard for intellectual property.
She owns 4 trademarks and over100 domain names. She operates 6 active websites of which is the most popular. Recognizing that networking and shared resources are essential, her creative investment in other businesses is ever expanding. She encourages families to discover what hidden brands rest within their sub-culture and traditions.

Million Heir-Williams

When Heir-Williams welcomed her son home from his military service in Iraq, she was relieved and grateful to see that his body was intact. Sadly, however, the experience had left indelible marks on his mind for which she was unprepared. In this book, she shares the new normal her family came to accept and offers advice to others with similar mountains before them.

“It is very important to me to share with others who are dealing with mental illness, specifically as it relates to the military community. I share my experience as a mother who assisted her son who was without a voice during PTSD, Psychosis, Paranoid Schizophrenia and other mental disorders,” said Heir-Williams.

Pamela J. Green

Pamela Green is an industry-leading author, speaker, and executive coach.
She maintains a full roster of clients who call on her to provide proven solutions for their most pressing collaboration, conflict leadership, change management and communication needs. 

“Before you obtain a seat at the table, you have to show up as if you already have one. If you already have one, make your presence known”

Dr. Sean T. Hill

Come learn the secrets of the wealthy and put more of your money back into your pocket, long enough for your money to make you money!

Mr. Sanford Livingston

Founded in 1978, Northern California Financial Development Corporation (Nor-Cal FDC) is focused on assisting businesses with financing in underserved communities.

For 40 years, Nor-Cal FDC has encouraged lending institutions to make small business loans to companies that may not be eligible for a traditional loan. Through valued partnerships with lending and banking organizations, we are able to provide greater access to a variety of sources of capital to small business owners. Nor-Cal FDC understands that small business owners create thriving communities, and drive local economies, by providing employment and stimulating growth. Our mission is to strengthen the local economy by supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In partnership with the California Infrastructure Bank (IBank), we create access to funding by working with lenders on a variety of programs, such as the State Loan Guarantee. Nor-Cal FDC has guaranteed over 500 loans with lending institutions that are committed to helping small business grow and prosper in California communities. We work with businesses with less than 750 employees and whose capital needs are up to $20M.

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Mr. Marc Giles

"The future of your business depends on... your ability to attract your own leads online." Join Mr. Marc Giles as he talks about ROI, return on investment.