At the end of every show we have a very special guest speaker, sometimes two:

Mr. Sanford Livingston

Founded in 1978, Northern California Financial Development Corporation (Nor-Cal FDC) is focused on assisting businesses with financing in underserved communities.

For 40 years, Nor-Cal FDC has encouraged lending institutions to make small business loans to companies that may not be eligible for a traditional loan. Through valued partnerships with lending and banking organizations, we are able to provide greater access to a variety of sources of capital to small business owners. Nor-Cal FDC understands that small business owners create thriving communities, and drive local economies, by providing employment and stimulating growth. Our mission is to strengthen the local economy by supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In partnership with the California Infrastructure Bank (IBank), we create access to funding by working with lenders on a variety of programs, such as the State Loan Guarantee. Nor-Cal FDC has guaranteed over 500 loans with lending institutions that are committed to helping small business grow and prosper in California communities. We work with businesses with less than 750 employees and whose capital needs are up to $20M.

Mr. Marc Giles

"The future of your business depends on... your ability to attract your own leads online." Join Mr. Marc Giles as he talks about ROI, return on investment.