Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Will Item be shipped by PSS or Directly from Vendor?
Answer: All Items will be shipped directly from Vendor. PSS has no
responsibility for any items shipped.

2. Is Shipping Free?

Answer: It is the Vendors Choice to allow free shipping of any product
sold. PSS is only a Marketplace allowing vendors to showcase their

3.How do I contact the seller?

Answer: PSS will provide a link to all vendors seen in showcase on website.

4. Where can I return items sold on PSS?

Answer: If items are eligible for return, All returns are handled directly with the vendor.

5. How do I become a Virtual Vendor with PSS?

Answer: Signup on the VENDOR SIGN UP page and tell us a little about your product.
Someone from our PSS Vendor Department will contact you for further

6. What is a PopUp Shop Show?

Answer: A PopUp Shop Show is a Virtual Store and Talk Show where multi-cultural
vendors can buy and sell products from around the world.


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