Watch our last shows below: Black Love, Black Couples in Business. Thank you to all the vendors and couples who participated in making this an amazing Pop Up Shop Show!

NEXT SHOW:  Mar 19, 20 | 4:30p Pacific 7:30p Eastern

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  • Merchants, Artisans and Designers
  • Live DJ
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Guest Speaker



    • 50% Off Early Bird Specials!
    • Background art options
    • Stage Manager

      We are a Live Shopping and Social Show, Online!

      Since Covid, we've had to switch it up, a lot! Now, we're coming directly to You! Join us on the Pop Up Shop Show. We're featuring Experts, Artisans, Merchants, Designers, everyday people sharing their experiences, DJ JMAZING and more! Join us, it'll be fun. We need each other! Sign up for showtime reminders.

      Raffle prizes and more! All are welcome! Free to attend!